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Sustainable Design Engineering @ UPEI, Canada

Growing up in a diverse multi-cultural community of the UAE has polished my interpersonal skills. Studying at Canada, I  am eager to learn more and apply my skills in real-world.

I want to engineer a more sustainable world for everyone.

Syed Imran Ali


Grew-up @ UAE


Studying @ Canada

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Born @ Pakistan

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Family @ Qatar

I like...


Analyzing Global Economy and Politics.

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Researching on Future Growth in Tech.


Striving to develop a more Sustainable World.

Syed Imran Ali.jpg
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My Top 5 Achievements:

  1. Website and YouTube channel for student mentorship with 100K+ Views.

  2. Leading Newsletter, Social Media and Discord of ZNotes, edtech with 4M+ Students. 1.2M views/month.

  3.  Leading 75+ Volunteers to complete Edu/Agri projects for UN.

  4. 3A*s in IAL, with Top in Province Award.

  5. Academic Scholarships + Principal Commendation Award.

My Top 3 Goals:

  1. Acquiring knowledge & skillset to be a qualified engineer.

  2. Applying my skills & experiences, and giving back to the community.

  3. Engineering a more sustainable world for everyone.

Let's Connect

The best way to connect with me is LinkedIn:

  • Linkedin

+1 437-553-1075

Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Study Abroad Guidance

Complete Study Abroad Guidance!!

Complete Study Abroad Guidance!!

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