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All About Internships for Students!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Hi Everyone! I will be starting to write blogs more frequently, now that I have completed my International A level and graduated!

Today, I'll be providing a complete guide for high school and university students about Internships.

Importance of Internships

  • Do you look forward to attending a prestigious university after high school on a scholarship?

  • Do you plan to get your dream job as soon as graduating from university?

  • Do you want to be the best of the best?

In that case, Internships are a MUST.

Internships are really important. Here are 5 Benefits:

  1. It improves your extracurricular profile and boosts your university application + scholarship chances.

  2. It provides experience before one even graduates. So if you see an ad of an entry level job with minimum 2 -3 years of experience required; you already have that via internships and hence eligible for the job.

  3. It encourages networking amongst professional individuals, therefore more chances to land in your dream job.

  4. It polishes your interpersonal and soft skills. Students get to learn how a professional organization operates and complies to the rules and regulations.

  5. You may even earn money. While most internships are unpaid, there are paid and Co-Op internships available in the market as well.

How and Where to find an Internship?

Ready to apply for internships? Let's discuss where to get started:

Landing a first internship can be difficult. It is advisable to apply for remote internships initially. This un-restricts the factor of location and hence greater chances of success.

The best websites that I recommend to start applying for internships:

LinkedIn is a must have for all students. You can create your profile and apply for internships very easily. I will be posting another blog later on about creating a polished LinkedIn Profile.

This platform is affiliated with the United Nations and Sustainable Development Goals. You can find numerous volunteer opportunities that provide a certificate of recognition. You can watch my video on how to apply for such opportunities.

Some Organizations I recommend to apply for Internships:

  • ZNotes: Educational website with 21M views and 3.5M students.

Applying to Internships:

Usually, you only need to fill a form and attach a resume. I will be writing another blog about how to craft an exceptional resume. For now, I suggest you watch my video where I make a professional resume using Canva.

How I found my first Internship:


I will be writing a blog every week. Do comment about whether you liked this blog and next topics I should be covering.

I will be writing a lot more about LinkedIn Profile, Resume, University Applications!

Don't forget to like the blog!

Stay Tuned!

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